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Lejlighed, Gammel Kongevej, 1850 Frederiksberg C. The apartment is located in a well-kept apartment building in a good standard.


The 115 sqm. apartment are in a very nice condition, and are located in the heart of Frederiksberg. Perfect for access to the French school. The apartments consists of a nice kitchen,  1 livingroom, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

The apartment is taken over refurbished and needs to be delivered back in refurbished condition.


Gammel Kongevej is the main shopping street of Frederiksberg.

Frederiksberg is a fashionable part of Copenhagen with excellent shopping opportunities and green spaces. Shopping is great here with many clothing shops as well as sushi restaurants, cafes and Meyers deli.

* The apartment can be rented by international tenants. (x-pats)

* There is required 3 months deposit and 3 month prepaid rent.
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